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Supporter Risk Agreement

Dear supporter

Before you register as a supporter of worldico and participate in the block chain project ICO, please read the Service Term and the Supporter Risk Agreementcarefully.


Worldico (www.worldico.win) is a digital currency, block chain in the field of financing service platform, obligation of intermediary services, to provide supporters block chain investment projects, provide target block chain project initiator supporter.Worldico will fulfill his duty and fulfill his obligation to be honest, trustworthy and prudent. Worldico prompts supporters that blockchain project investment is a venture capital, only suitable for risk identification, assessment, affordability and eligible support for the funds.As a supporter, you should support the block chain project with your own legal funds and not illegally collect other people's funds to participate in supporting projects.As the third-party block chain service platform, worldico does not promise any guarantee or minimum income, nor will it bear any liability for any losses incurred by the investment.

Worldico risks the investment in block chain project. Please read the following risks carefully


Investment loss risk   Block chain investment project exist a big risk,  a partial loss of investment, and even the possibility of all losses, as an investor you should do what you can, choose voluntarily bear losses amount to invest.


Liquidity risk      Most block chain projects are in seed or early stage, with small scale, equity or other property rights, and no mature, efficient circulation market.As a supporter of your investment, there is no possibility of a buyer.


The risk of no return in the investment process      Block chain investment is more investment in block chain startup.Block chain start-ups are most likely to be unable to pay back, even if profits are often used for reproduction.Therefore, there is no possibility of any return in the entire investment process before the withdrawal of the supporters.


Macroeconomic risk     Due to national, regional macroeconomic environment and the change of the surrounding market, make the block chain project the company's business is in sharp fluctuations, which can lead to block the value of different degrees of derogatory chain project, make you have the possibility of loss, you will have to bear the resulting loss.


Policy risk    Block industry chain project of changing the laws, regulations and policies, or worldico platform investment rules change, can cause block chain project management and the fluctuation of the disclosure, make you have the possibility of loss, you will have to bear the resulting loss.


Technical risk    Due to worldico business is achieved through the network technology, the technology there is the possibility of hackers and computer virus attacks, worldico will try our best to ensure site run normally, but you will have to bear by your personal computer terminal malfunction or other worldico outside factors lead to the loss caused by system failure.


Risk caused by force majeure     Factors such as earthquakes, fires, floods, wars and other force majeure factors can paralyze the investment system and you will have to bear the resulting losses. Besides the investment risk, block chain project investment in the process of payment management, use, there is still a market risk, credit risk, management risk, policy risk and other unpredictable risks. Please carefully read the supporter risk agreement and related investment documents, and carefully make the decision whether to sign the investment document. If you sign this agreement, worldico will assume that you have carefully read and understand the online financing service model of worldico and are willing to bear the corresponding investment risk according to law.This agreement shall be valid for all block chain supporters from the date of the publication of the term.Supporters confirm: I have read the Service Term and the supporters risk agreement, worldico have explained to himself block chain project investment risk, the investment of this project is after independent judgment to meet my real intention of decision, I am willing to bear the investment risk.