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Initiator Agreement

  Worldico is an ICO financing service platform for digital currency and block chain, initiator can initiate the financing demands of block chain projects on the worldico block chain platform, and promised to return supporters in different forms. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of supporters, standardize the behavior of the project initiators, maintain the order of the ICO platform, so drawn up this agreement.

  This agreement is abided by the worldico (www.worldico.win) and the project initiator (hereinafter referred to as "initiator") who have logged in and used the worldico block chain financing service platform.

  I Agreement validation and application scope

  This agreement content including the agreement text and the various rules and operation procedures which the worldico have been issued or may be issued in the future. All rules shall be an integral part of this agreement and shall have the same legal effect as the agreement text. The initiator clicks on the web page to confirm or otherwise chooses to accept this agreement, meaning that you agree to accept all content of this agreement (including the revised agreements, rules and processes).

  When the initiator initiated the project on the worldico block chain platform, it means agreed to establish an agreement with the worldico and accept all the agreement content.

  The worldico shall have the right to modify this agreement or all kinds of rules, operation process from time to time according to needed, If there is any changes in this agreement, the worldico will be notified in public form on the website without the prior consent of the initiator. The revised agreement and the rules shall come into effect and become part of this agreement as soon as they are published. If the initiator continues to log in or use the worldico platform, it is deemed to have read and accepted the revised agreement.

  The initiators shall exercise their rights and perform their obligations in accordance with this agreement. If the terms of this agreement are not acceptable, including but not limited to the non-acceptance of the revised agreement and various rules, the services provided by the world ico platform shall be stopped immediately. If the initiator continues to use the service, that means he agrees and accepts the binding of this agreement and all kinds of rules.

  II Project content specification

  Projects initiated on the worldico platform should be digital currencies, block chain and executable projects, and project objectives should be clear, specific and measurable.

  The project content must include information such as "what I want to do", "project risk", "project return" and "why need support".

  Project content and initiator upload the related project information (including, but not limited to text, pictures, video, etc.) shall be initiator original, if not initiator original, the initiator shall have obtained the corresponding authorization of right holder, and right holder allows the initiator authorization ico to the world and the worldico affiliates ico site in the world and the worldico correlation to other company's official website and offline media to publicize the worldico platform for the purposes of permanent free publicity , promotion and appliance.

  The project content should comply with the laws & regulations and relevant regulations of the worldico website; The worldico platform has the right to request specific requirement on projects.

  The following project content or related project information is not allowed to be published on this platform:

  (I)Contravention of contraband, such as drugs, firearms and ammunition, and control knives, in violation of state law;

  (II)Pornography, gambling, violence, terror, reactionary, political and religious;

  (III)Other countries' laws and information on prohibited goods such as restricted sales, as stipulated by worldico.

  The project review of the worldico platform is only aim at audit the rationality of the project, the matching degree between project returns and project content, the initiator should guarantee the legal of the initiated project content, and do not infringe others' legitimate rights and interests.

  III Project return specification

  (I) Project returns must be associated with the project. The return should be a derivative result or related commodity produced by the initiator in the project process .

  (II) The project return should be clear and specific.

  (III) The real class return should not be the goods with higher receiving risk.

  (IV)The maximum unit price of the project return product on the worldico platform should be lower than the product market price within two months after the successful completion of the project, or the price difference should be returned to the supporter.

  (V)Project returns should be first distributed to the worldico platform supporters of this project. Otherwise, it will be regarded as the initiator's default and shall be liable for breach of contract and penalty.

  IV Initiator qualification

  (I) The project initiator shall be the registered user of the worldico platform and fully understand and accept this agreement.

  (II)Initiators may be natural persons, legal persons or other organizations. If the initiator is a natural person, it shall be a natural person who has reached the age of 18 and has full capacity for civil conduct and civil rights. If the project initiator is under the age of 18, his guardian shall be responsible for the performance of the rights and obligations of this agreement. If the initiator is a legal person or other organization, it shall be a legal entity legally established and registered to bear legal liabilities.

  (III)The initiator shall complete the necessary authentication and qualification certificates online before initiating the project, including but not limited to the real-name authentication of identity card, passport, driver's license, certificate of education, etc. The initiator agrees and authorizes the worldico platform to publicize the authentication information when initiating the project.

  (IV) Initiators should open accounts in accordance with worldico's requirements to receive support money from supporters.

  (V)If the project initiated by the initiator is a project with a public interest, the initiator shall be a legally formed public interest organization or a joint project with a legitimate public interest organization.

  (VI)The worldico platform will define and demand the other qualifications that the initiator needs to meet, depending on the type of project initiated.

  V Initiator behavior specification

  (I)After the project approval, the initiator shall not edit or modify the content of the project. If you want to modify, the project application should be submitted to the worldico platform.

  (II)Before the project fundraising succeed , initiator have some reason to cancel the project, cancel application must be presented to the worldico platform, project cancelled after the worldico platform has been verified, and all the fundraising should return to the supporters by system.

  (III)After successful fundraising, the initiator should strictly follow the project plan and actively interact with the supporters during the implementation of the project plan.

  (IV)After successful fundraising, if the project can be delayed or cannot be implemented according to the original project plan, the initiator shall inform the supporter in time through the worldico platform and other ways.

  (V)Initiator should provide project returns according to the commitment (project derivative and/or related products), issued project return should without quality or right defects, in case of dispute over project return, the worldico has the right to assist supporters to request the initiator to bear the relevant compensation liabilities.

  (VI)The initiator fails to complete the return before the project return date and seems no reasonable reason, regard as project extension. If the project is postponed for more than 15 days, the project shall be deemed to have failed. The worldico platform has the right to refund to unconfirmed receiving supporters directly through the system; Initiator should return the support money to the worldico platform.

  (VII) After successful fundraising, due to any subjective or objective factors caused the project can not final be completed, the initiator shall timely inform the supporters through the worldico platform and other ways, and return project support money to supporters.

  (VIII)The initiator of the public welfare project should upload the relevant vouchers for public welfare purposes within a reasonable time after completing the project.

  (IX)The initiator shall submit the actual and accurate project information (if any update of the project information should be submitted to the worldico platform in time), and upload and release the project independently. Initiator shall properly keep the worldico platform account and password, in any case the initiator shall be under the account in the event of all activities (including but not limited to, information disclosure, release information, upload pictures or video, click agree to online or submit all kinds of rules, etc.) bear legal responsibility.

  (X)The initiator shall, on his own, bear the expenses incurred for preparing or releasing and completing the project, and shall pay the corresponding taxes arising from the conduct of this agreement.

  (XI)Initiator, understand and agree that shall not be engaged in any violation of laws and regulations or infringe any third party rights, including, but not limited to, shall not by himself or allow any third party to use the initiator account to engage in the following related behavior through the worldico platform or issued with the following relevant information:

  (I)Infringe any third party's patent, trademark, copyright, trade secrets or other lawful rights, or violation any law or contract.

  (II)The initiator's behavior or project information is false, misleading, and inaccurate.

  (III)The behavior or project information of the initiator is suspected of illegal, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, defamatory, deceitful, fraudulent, infringing, obscene, offensive, blasphemous or infringing on the privacy of others.

  (IV)Issue any mail, promotional material or advertising information to the receiving party without the receiving party's permission.

  (V)Conduct any activities that jeopardize the security of the information network, intentionally disseminate malicious programs or viruses, and other behaviors that undermine and interfere with normal network information services.

  (VI)Information on the alleged illegal or alleged violation of the legal rights or breach of this agreement by the initiator through the worldico platform, the worldico shall have the right to revise, edit, delete, and so on according to the worldico’s judgement without informing the initiator.

  (VII)The initiator breach above code of conduct and damage to any third party, the initiator shall be independently bear all the legal responsibilities in its own name, and shall ensure that the worldico is saved from loss or increase the cost.

  VI Support payment and platform usage fee

  (I)The worldico platform receipt and pays for the delivery of support money and collection of platform usage fees.

  (II)The initiator uses the worldico platform service, and the worldico will charge the initiator a platform service fee about 5% of the total amount. Except the initiator otherwise agreed with the worldico.

  (III)After the successful fundraising, worldico platform will be in 5 working days to raise the total amount after deducting the platform service charge 70% of the remaining money to the initiator, and the remaining 30% reserved as margin of return to ensure that the supporters, the project success without dispute and promised returns under the condition of all the supporters, the worldico will pay this part of the fund to the initiator. Except the initiator otherwise agreed with the worldico.

  (IV)According to the development of market and technology, worldico reserves the right to change margin and platform service fee.

  Before the change, the worldico will notify the initiator of the changes in an appropriate manner, including but not limited to publicity on the worldico website.

  The initiator has the right to choose accept or reject it. If the initiator chooses to reject it, it should immediately stop using the worldico platform;

  The initiator continue to use the worldico platform, which is seen as the initiator agree to change the cost of the worldico.

  The scale of charges after changing is not retroactive to the projects that have already been released.

  VII Dispute processing

  (I)Virtual class returns does not support the changing or refunding, also do not support a refund, if there is a shipping error, leakage or supporters receiving the virtual class return for quality problems, the initiator should be resend or replacement for free within seven days.

  (II)In the event of any error or omission on real object return, the initiator shall reissue or redistribute for free within seven days, if the initiator can not resend or replacement, it shall refund the corresponding amount to the supporter.

  (III)If the initiator is idle to handle the dispute or handle the dispute which is not in accordance with the worldico, the worldico platform has the right to use the reserved 30% margin to handle the dispute of supporters.

  If the 30% margin is not enough to handle disputes, the initiator is obliged to pay the dispute handle fee to worldico.

  VIII Illegal processing

  (I)The initiator which violation this agreement or the rules of the worldico website, the worldico has the right to conduct irregularities, and the penalty can be deducted from the 30% margin.

  (II)If the initiator actively cancels the project due to objective factors before the fundraising deadline, the initiator shall not initiate the project again within one month.

  (III)As initiator in the project after the success of the fund raising, before the return, not because of objective factors announced project failure or due to project delay was identified as the project failed, the initiator shall not initiate another project in three months, but if supporters such as the initiator will all returned the down payment, the time limit for a project can be uninitiated.

  (IV)The worldico shall have the right to make a unilateral decision on whether the initiator is involved in the violation, and shall terminate the use of the initiator or take other restrictive measures according to the unilateral determination of the result.

  (V)If the initiator seriously violates this agreement and the worldico website rules, it will be removed from the worldico platform, and the worldico, which is suspected of committing a crime, has the right to transfer it to the judicial organ.

  IX Liability for breach of contract

  (I) If the initiator suspected violating the law or this agreement convention, leads to make the worldico and/or the worldico associated company suffer any loss, or claim by any third party, or punish by any administrative department, the initiator shall compensate the worldico suffer losses and/or expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, investigation expenses, etc.

  (II)Except as otherwise agreed upon this agreement, any party in violation of its in the representations and warranties under this agreement or commitment, and make the other party to suffer any litigation, disputes, claims, penalties, etc, the breaching party shall be responsible for solving, to make the other party any expenses incurred, additional responsibilities or economic losses, shall be responsible for compensation. If one party breaches the contract, the observant party may notice in writing to require the breaching party to stop the breach behavior within the prescribed time limit and demand its elimination.

  If the defaulting party fails to stop the breach behavior on time, the observant party shall have the right to terminate this agreement immediately.

  As the initiator losses caused by the worldico itself, the maximum overall liability and indemnity limit assumed by the worldico to the initiator should not exceed the total amount of service charges that the worldico has received from the initiator under this agreement (if any).

  X Intellectual property

  (I)The initiator promised to have legal rights to all content posted and uploaded via the worldico platform, does not infringe any third party’s portraiture rights, privacy right, patent right, trademark right, copyright and other legal rights and other contractual rights.

  (II)Initiator by publishing the worldico platform, upload any content, the initiator confer to the worldico and its affiliates non-exclusive, convertible authorized, irrevocable, universal and permanent, free licensing rights, and we can modify the above content, adaptation, adaptation, distribution, translation, create derivative content and/or can put the part or all of the content to spread, show, display, and/or you can put the foregoing part or all of the contents in any known now and future develop in any form, media or bearing of science and technology works.

  (III)The worldico platform services provided for the initiator which contain protected by related intellectual property rights and other legal proprietary confidential information, or information, also may be the copyright, trademark, patent and other related to the protection of the law.

  Without the worldico or holder of the relevant written authorization, the initiator shall not modify, sell and transmission part or all of the information, or to make derivative services or software, or by conducting reverse engineering, reverse translation and other methods to decipher the original code.

  XI Agreement termination and dispute resolution

  In the following cases, the worldico can at any time without incurring any obligation and responsibility of all or part of pause, suspend or terminate this agreement or the provision of services under this agreement, until termination of this agreement, and need not get the permission of the initiator.

  (I)Initiated projects will trigger or potentially trigger significant risks to worldico operations;

  (II)Initiated project exist or may exist risks that clearly harm the interests of its supporters;

  (III)The project cannot continue or the project return cannot be achieved because it is not responsible for the worldico.

  This agreement shall be terminated at the same time, if the worldico service clause online signed by the initiator is terminated for any reason.

  The initiator must be fully and independently liable for any compensation and liability terminated due to the non-attribution of the worldico resulting prior to the termination of the agreement.

  Regardless of the termination of this agreement for whatever reason, it does not affect the effectiveness of the already successful fund-raising project before the termination of this agreement, the initiator shall fulfill the successful completion of the project, or be responsible for the supporters in accordance with the promise or the provisions of this agreement.

  All parties concerned shall make efforts to resolve the disputes arising from the execution, performance or interpretation of this agreement.