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Authentication Protocol

You confirm, at the start of "identity" (hereinafter referred to as the "certification"), before you have carefully read all the content of this agreement, once you start the certification process, it indicates that you fully understand and agree to accept all the content of this agreement.


To enhance the security and the credibility of membership in the financing process, worldico provides you with authentication services.Before you apply for certification, you must register as a worldico user.Worldico has the right to adopt various identification of the user's identity as necessary.But, as a common network service providers, worldico can adopt the method of limited, and is used to identify the user's identity on the Internet also has certain difficulty, therefore, to complete the authentication of user identity worldico accuracy and absolute truth don't promise anything.


Worldico provides you with authentication services including personal identification and institutional identity.Worldico shall have the right to record and save you complete the above procedures to provide information and worldico worldico get the result of the information, also have the right to, according to the provisions of this agreement or a third party to provide to you whether you through the conclusion of authentication and your identity information.

Understanding and identification of certification services

1.       Certification services are an identification service provided by worldico.Unless otherwise agreed in this agreement, once your worldico account is certified, the corresponding identity information and certification results will not be modified or cancelled for any reason;If your identity information changes after completion of authentication, you should provide the credentials issued by the relevant authority to worldico, which will assist you to change the corresponding authentication information of your worldico account.

2.       Worldico has the right to modify or alter the content of this agreement at any time, and to notify you of the revised agreement through the website of the worldico website.After any modification or alteration of this agreement, you will continue to use the worldico service and/or certification service, which means that you have read, understood and agreed to accept the revised agreement;If you do not agree to the revised agreement, you should immediately stop using the worldico service and authentication service.


 ID information recognition

1.       Personal worldico user provides the following certificates for authentication: identification of identity card, passport, driver's license, etc

2.       For a natural person who does not have full capacity for civil conduct, worldico does not provide certification services.

3.       When the user of the organization worldico applies for authentication services to worldico, the company shall provide the following information to the company: the name of the company, the registration number, legal representative and other information.

4.       The worldico user identified by recognition cannot modify the information that has been authenticated, including but not limited to the company name, name and id number.The validity of personal worldico user authentication is consistent with that of the identity document provided, but the maximum self-certification completion date is not more than 20 years. Other personal worldico user authentication information shall be valid for a short period of validity period of validity period and guarantee period, but not more than 20 years from the date of completion of certification.The validity period of the user authentication information of the agency worldico is generally one year. If the business term is less than one year, the business term shall prevail.After expiration, the corresponding worldico account can only be re-certified using the original identity information or the identity information that has been legally changed.

5.       In worldico users to retrieve its worldico account password when operating, need tips according to our company's produce can confirm its hold worldico have the account of personal identity certificates, related certificate request in accordance with the five items before this agreement.

 Management of certification information

1.       You authorize worldico to disclose relevant information

2.       Worldico provides to the state administration of justice and administration

3.       Worldico provides the platform associated enterprises

4.       When a third party and worldico provide a service for the user, the third direction provides the relevant information required for your services

5.       Based on the need to resolve your civil dispute with a third party, worldico has the right to provide your identity information to the third party.

Special statement

1.       Worldico users should read this agreement carefully before membership authentication.The worldico user, after the membership authentication, said he had read the agreement carefully and agreed to accept the terms of this agreement.

2.       The user worldico platform, which refuses to agree to this agreement, has the right to refuse to provide the services that require membership authentication.

3.       Worldico members shall abide by relevant laws and regulations.

4.       Worldico membership certification shall provide true, accurate and complete valid identity documents such as authentication information, and for the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of the authentication information to bear full responsibility.

5.       Worldico members shall confirm and be responsible for the identification of the identity authentication information of the worldico platform.

6.       When there is a significant change in the valid identification document of the worldico certification, it should apply for changes to the worldico platform in time.Otherwise, the resulting economic loss and legal liability shall be borne by the certified member.

7.       The worldico certification member guarantees the legal compliance of the successful account and assumes legal liability for all activities under the account (including but not limited to investment commitments).The membership account of the worldico certificate must not be transferred to a third person, and the financial loss and legal liability caused by the violation of the use or transfer of the authentication account to another person shall be borne by the certified member.

    8.  The worldico platform shall keep the account information registered with the certified members confidential, except that the laws and regulations must be made public.

    9. Worldico platform for members only checking the integrity of the authentication information provided, membership verification certificate is valid, registration application form to fill in content and identity documents related content is consistent.However, this does not indicate that the account information provided by the user can be authenticated or guaranteed.Worldico is not responsible for the legal disputes arising from one of the following situations     

(1)Use false information for authentication

(2)Illegal use of other people's legal certificates for identity authentication

(3)The laws and regulations stipulate that natural person members and legal persons who cannot buy or sell shares shall be authenticated

(4)Other violations of the status of identity authentication.

    10.   When the business rules and this agreement are revised by the worldico platform, the website shall be announced and the new rules shall come into force from the date of the announcement.You don't need to know each certified member.The certified members shall follow the revised business rules.

Agreement relationship

This agreement constitutes an effective part of the <worldico service term>;If the two parties agree not to agree or agree to the provisions of this agreement, the provisions of the <worldico service term> shall prevail.