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Privacy Policy

All the information provided by the user and the user's information reserved by Worldico will be subject to the relevant laws and regulations and the rules of Worldico's Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy constitutes an integral part of this agreement.       

Upload content

Users through any worldico services to upload, post, send (via email or in any other way transfer) of the text, files, images, photographs, video, sound, music and other creative works, or any other material (hereinafter referred to as the "content", including users' personal photos or individual creation, voice, video, etc.), whether publicly or privately, responsibility shall be borne by the user and content providers, worldico wrong the content such as correctness, completeness or quality to make any guarantee.When using the worldico service, users may be exposed to objectionable, inappropriate, or disgusting content. Users should make their own judgment before receiving the service. In any case, worldico are not responsible for any content (including but not limited to any errors, omissions, inaccuracies or real), also not through worldico services to upload, post, send (via email or in any other way transfer) be liable for any loss or damage to the contents of the derivative. Worldico found in the management process or after receiving reports and carry on the preliminary investigation, shall have the right to stop the spread of any of the content and take further action, including but not limited to suspend all or part of some users use worldico service, keep relevant records, and report to the relevant authority.


User behavior

When using the worldico service, users must comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and users will not use the worldico service to conduct any illegal or improper activities, including but not limited to the following behaviors:

1、Users are guaranteed not to use the worldico service for the following activities:

1 Access to computer information networks or use computer information network resources without permission

2 Delete, modify or increase the function of computer information network without permission

3 Data and applications that are stored, processed or transmitted in a computer information network without permission

4 To delete, modify or increase;Deliberately making and disseminating destructive programs such as computer viruses

2、Other behaviors that harm computer information network security:

1 If users in the use of network services in violation of the provisions of any of the above, worldico or via the grantee has the right to require the user to correct or direct to take all necessary measures (including but not limited to, change, delete the related content, to suspend or terminate user use worldico services) in order to reduce and eliminate the impact of user behavior.

2 Users shall not CTRL, copy, sell, resell or use any other commercial purposes for any part or all of the openANX services and any form of information obtained through worldico.

3 Users shall be liable for their actions in the use of the worldico service.The form of legal liability of the user shall include but not limited to: stop the infringement, apologize to the offender publicly, restore the reputation of the trespasser, and compensate the victim.If worldico website for a user's illegal or improper conduct by administrative penalty or assume any form of tort liability for damages, the user should be performed to worldico compensation (not less than worldico compensation amount to a third party) and apologize to worldico through the entire network of the media.

Intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights (including but not limited to reputation, goodwill, etc.)

Worldico is not released to worldico service to users in the text, files, images, photos, video, sound, music and other creative works, or any other material (referred to as the "content") has any ownership.After the user releases the content to the worldico service, the user will continue to have the right to the content and have the right to choose the right way to use the content. If the user in worldico service or through worldico service display or post any content, which shows that the customer is granted worldico a limited license to make worldico can legally use, modify, copy, dissemination and publication of such content.

Users agree with its content has released in worldico services, granted worldico free, permanent, irrevocable, non exclusive, convertible authorized, on a global scale to the published content to use, copy, modify, adapt, adaptation, distribution, the rights of the translation, create derivative works and/or the foregoing part or all of the contents can be broadcast, show, display, and/or you can put the foregoing part or all of the contents in any known now and future develop in any form, or media, or technology of works.

User statements and warranties: the user has legal rights to the contents of the openANX service or through the worldico service;Users shall not infringe anyone's right of portrait, privacy, copyright, trademark right, patent right and other contract rights in the world of the worldico service or through the worldico service.If the user is required to pay a license fee or other fee to anyone for the content of the services of the worldico service or through the worldico service, the user shall bear all the expenses.

Special warning for international use

Users have already understand the international Internet without borders and agree to comply with all laws and regulations regarding online behavior and content. Users specifically agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the export information of the country or region concerned.

Fees and payments

It's free to join worldico, but we charge a fee for some services. When you use a service, you will have the opportunity to see the items you need to pay for, and the change in the cost will come into effect on our website for you. You are responsible for paying all the expenses and taxes incurred for using the service.

The funds obtained from the participants are paid through third-party payment platforms, and worldico is not responsible for the payment performance of third-party payment platforms.


As users through worldico services to upload, post, send or transmission, or connected with this service for users, or because the user violates this use agreement, or because the user have infringed any third person any right to put forward to worldico claims, the user agrees to compensate worldico and its shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, brand owners or other partners of the corresponding compensation (including worldico pay attorney's fees, etc.), in order to make worldico interests from damage.

General measures for use and storage

Users admit worldico shall have the right to formulate general measures and restrictions about the service, including but not limited to worldico will retain the user's E-mail information service, users to post content or other upload it the longest retention period, users can receive and send information to the maximum number of an account, can send and receive the size of the individual information of the user account, worldico server the biggest disk space allocated to users, users use worldico services as well as a certain time period the number of times the upper limit (and the time limit of each use). Any information, communications and any other contents stored or transmitted through the worldico service, such as being deleted or not stored, users agree that worldico does not bear any responsibility.Users also agree that for more than one year of unused accounts, worldico has the right to close.Worldico is entitled to change the general measures and restrictions at any time in accordance with its own judgment and decision.


Modification of service

Users understand and agree that, regardless of the notice or not, worldico shall have the right at any time temporarily or permanently to modify or terminate worldico services in whole or in part, to this, worldico to the user or any third person do not undertake any responsibility.Users agree that all content uploaded, posted, and sent to worldico will not be held, and the user should backup it.Worldico is not responsible for any loss of content and the loss of the user.

Termination of service

User agrees to worldico can judge and decide unilaterally, used if the user violates this agreement or the user for a long time not to use its account, worldico can terminate the user's password, account or the use of certain services, and the user can be retained in the worldico service to remove or delete any content. Worldico may also, in the case of notification or notification, terminate any or all of its services on the basis of its own considerations.Users understand and agree to use agreement, without prior notice, worldico can be found in any inappropriate content, immediately shut down, or delete the user's account and the account of all relevant information and documents, and temporarily or permanently banned the users continue to use the file or account.

Deals with advertisers

Users by advertisers with worldico services of any form of communication or business, or participate in promotional activities, including related payment and delivery of goods or services), as well as of any other terms, conditions, warranties or statements, is the behavior between users and advertisers. In addition to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations that require the responsibility of worldico, the user shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property caused by any such transaction, communication, etc.


The user understands and agrees that if the link to the other websites or resources provided by the worldico service or the third party can be utilized, worldico will not be responsible;For any content, advertising, project or other information that exists or originates from such sites or resources, worldico is not guaranteed or responsible.Because of the use or rely on any such sites or resources or released by such sites or resources for any goods, services, information, such as cause any damage to user worldico irresponsible for any direct or indirect.


Commercial prohibition

Users agree not to part or all of any worldico services and user through worldico services of any goods, services, information, etc., to CTRL, copy, sell, resale, or used for any other commercial purpose.

Worldico's exclusive right

The user understands and agrees that the worldico service and its related software (hereinafter referred to as "service software") contain proprietary confidential information protected by relevant intellectual property and other laws.Users understand and agree that, at the same time or advertisers to users via worldico service sponsored ads or content of the information contained may also by copyright, trademark, patent and other related to the protection of the law.Users may not modify, sell, disseminate part or all of their service content or software without the written authorization of worldico or the advertiser, or make a derivative service or software.Worldico only granted to users' personal the exclusive right to use, the user shall not (and shall not permit any third person) copy, modify, create derivative works, or by reducing engineering group, reverse translation and other ways to break the original code. Users shall not have any right to transfer, license, set any warranty or other means to transfer services or software.User agrees to use the worldico service only through the interface provided by worldico, not any other way.

Guarantee and guarantee

No provisions of the terms of the use of the worldico shall be exempted from any liability arising from the personal injury or loss of user property caused by worldico.

The risk for users to use the Worldico service is borne by the user. Worldico offers no warranties or warranties of express or implied warranties, including but not limited to commercial suitability, suitability for specific purposes and warranties or warranties that do not infringe upon the rights of others.

Worldico also does not guarantee the following items:

1 The service will meet the user's requirements

2 The service will be free of interference, timely delivery, safe and reliable or no error

3 The results of using services are correct and reliable

4 Any project, service, information, or other information purchased or acquired via the worldico service will meet the user's expectations, and any errors in the software will be corrected

5 Users should decide to use worldico service download or obtain any information and risk, as a result of any data download and the user's computer system damage or data loss and other consequences, shall be borne by the user

6 Any suggestion or information received by the user through the worldico service (either in writing or in oral form) shall not constitute any warranty for the user unless expressly provided by the agreement.

Limitation of liability

1 In any case, worldico and its shareholders, founder, officers, directors, agents, affiliates, parent company, affiliates and employees are not in any express or implied way for you to use worldico services of any form of direct or indirect losses bear legal responsibility, including but not limited to money loss, loss of profits, business interruption, loss, etc., and worldico party does not guarantee the authenticity of the content, sufficiency, timeliness, reliability, integrity and effectiveness, and to waive any legal liability caused by.

Worldico cannot guarantee that there is no obligation to ensure the authenticity and validity of information on third-party websites.You should use a third-party website according to the service agreement of a third party website, not according to this agreement.The content, product, advertising, and any other information of a third-party website is determined by you and takes risks, regardless of the worldico.

3 Because worldico or third party web site equipment, system defects, hacker attacks, network failures, power outages, the loss caused by computer viruses or other force majeure factors, openAXN shall not be held responsible for compensation, you remedies can be to terminate this agreement and in consultation with worldico stop using worldico.

4 You are committed to the legitimate use of the services and website content provided by worldico.You may not use this service to engage in the infringement of the lawful rights and interests of others

5 You may not use the services or other email forwarding services provided by worldico to issue spam or other contents that may violate this agreement.

6 Worldico under no obligation to monitor your content, but you confirm and agree that worldico shall have the right to according to laws, regulations, the government asked from time to time, modify, or delete the necessary information, in order to better operate worldico and protect themselves and worldico other legitimate users.

Worldico the copyright of all content in belong to the worldico, the content including but not limited to text, such as design, source code, software, data, articles, pictures, photos and all other information (hereinafter referred to as the "content").The content of the website is protected by the international copyright convention. Without the prior written consent of iopeANX promise you not in any way, not to copy, imitation, any form of communication, publishing, publishing, exhibition site content, including but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, the ways and forms of sound recording or video recording, etc.You acknowledge that the site is a worldico property. Without the written consent of worldico, you shall not mirror any other site or server of the information contained in worldico.Any unauthorized use of the site's content is illegal, and worldico will hold you accountable.

8 Since you are in violation of this agreement or any laws, regulations or infringe on the rights of the third party caused by a third party to worldico forward claims and demands of any form, the worldico shall have the right to recover the losses related to you, including but not limited to worldico legal costs, loss of reputation, and  pay compensation to a third party , etc.

General terms

This use protocol constitutes a formal agreement between users and worldico , also used to regulate user behavior.When the user uses the worldico service and the content or software provided by the third party, it shall comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement and the terms and conditions of such services, content and software.

Users and worldico shall settle disputes arising from the service itself, current use agreement or other related matters through friendly negotiation.If the negotiations fail, a lawsuit shall be brought to the relevant institution.

In the absence or enforcement of the use of this agreement, worldico does not constitute a waiver of such rights.

The title of this agreement just for the convenience of reading. If there is any conflict with the content of the agreement, the agreement shall prevail.

Privacy policy application scope

How does worldico collect, process, and protect:

1.       The personal identity of the user who is logged on to the site and the server

2.       User through this site and the server and other users or non-users of various information

3.       Worldico is sharing information with other users or non-users that business partners share.


Information collection, use, and certification

The information you provide

When you registration your account in worldico, or use the account, or to participate in other worldico and related services or marketing activities need to register, we will ask you to provide personal information (including but not limited to your email address, account password and nickname).This information is encrypted in a secure server. We will conformity from the collection of personal information under your account and from worldico service or other information received from a third party and integrate information, in order to provide you with a better user experience and improve the quality of our service.In some services, we will give hints that you will personally decide whether to participate in the integration of the above information.



Identity authentication

You agree worldico to third parties or through cooperation to you submit or worldico collect user information (including but not limited to your personal identity information, etc.) for verification, and to verify the results obtained under this agreement and the documents view, use, and retained, and so on.

Log information

When you use worldico's service, our host automatically logs the information your browser sends to the site. Host log information including but not limited to your Internet request, IP address, browser type, browser to use the language, the date and time of the request, and one or more can be identification of cookies on your browser.

User’s communication

When you communicate with worldico via email or other means, we may record these conversations to address your problems and improve our services.

Worldico deals with users' personal information only for the purposes of privacy policy and/or privacy statements of specific services.In addition to the above mentioned above, these objectives also include: providing the user with projects or services, including the content and advertising of the specified order;Audit, research and analysis to maintain, protect and improve the services of worldico;Ensure the technical operation of the website;Developing new services;And the purpose of other worldico operations.


Information disclosure and sharing

Worldico will not disclose, rent or sell your personal information to any third party.Except for the following circumstances:

1.       The user agrees to share information with third parties

2.       Only by disclosing the user's personal information, can we provide some kind of project and service that the user demands

3.       Shall represent worldico provide the body of the project or service requirements (such as the main body, unless we notice shall not be entitled to the related users' personal information is used to provide programs and services outside the other purposes) : according to the requirements of laws, regulations or administrative commands provide;Provide for external audit needs;The user violates the terms of the worldico service or any other project or service;According to worldico, users' accounts are at risk and need to be protected.

Edit and delete access to individual account information

You shall have the right at any time to edit your account information in worldico, you can also fill in the relevant application form, the request to delete individual account, but you unconditionally agree after deleting your account, the account and the account related information remains in worldico records, in addition to the conditions specified in article 3 of the above, we will keep it secret for you.

Security assurance

Your worldico account has password protection to ensure your privacy and information security.

Privacy policy revision

Worldico will make changes to privacy policy from time to time.If there is any modification, we will announce the revised content and the new regulations after modification, so that you will know and use it.