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New Guidance


(Website operation process)

Step 1: Login official website www.worldico.win,to register. Find the "register" option on the top right corner of home page , fill in the register mailbox according to the requirementinput the verification code and login password (Login password can not be the same as fund password, fund password is used for withdraw, please keep in mind).

Warm tip: When users register and check their mailbox, pay attention to check the "dustbin", the platform registration verification code email will be included in the dustbin, which does not affect its usability.

Step 2: Enabled cellphone message verification function (Cellphone number must be filled accurately, and the cellphone can be used for login as same as mailbox after binding)

Step 3: Enter into "My financial" and recharge.

Step 4: Click the recharge, jump out the interface, the users can see the three major currencies address which is generated by Worldico platform as users' personal wallet address, through the BTC/ETH/LTC client or online wallet will send your needing recharge amount to this address, background personal wallet account balance will be updated automatically.Step 5: Change the fund password and use it when withdraw funds.(Investment always involves risk and users should invest according to your will.)

Step 6: Go back to the home page   Click on the ICO project Find your favorite project in the ICO project page dialog box

Step 7: Go into the selected items, click attention, and fill in the token number you want to betting, system will automatically conversion the token ratio to you, input amount and fund password, click the submit is OK!