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Service Terms

    The services available at www.worldico.win include the worldico website experience and use, the worldico Internet message passing service, and any other features, content, or application programs that worldico provides for the worldico web site. Whether the user is "visitor" (user just browse worldico website) or "members" (user has been registered and login in worldico) identity using worldico services, all means that the user agrees to abide by this agreement.


    If the user voluntary to become worldico membership and communicate with other members (including direct contact or through worldico website through various worldico service and connect to the member), and use worldico site and its various additional services, please read this agreement and in the process of registration shows that agree to accept this agreement. This agreement contains the content of the worldico about accepting worldico services and content on worldico website, user use worldico service rights, obligations and restrictions on use by worldico service, as well as terms of worldico privacy.


    If the user chooses to use some of the worldico services, the user may receive a notification requesting the user to download the software or content, and/or require the user to agree with additional terms and conditions.Additional terms and conditions shall be included in this agreement unless the user chooses to use the additional terms and conditions relating to the worldico service.


    Worldico has the right to modify any provision of this agreement at any time.Once worldico has modified this agreement, worldico will issue a notice in the form of an announcement.Any such modification shall come into force from the date of promulgation.If the user continues to use the worldico service after such modifications are published, that shows the user agrees to comply with the changes made to this agreement.Therefore, it is important for the user to consult this agreement on a regular basis to ensure that all the latest amendments to this agreement are understood.If the user does not agree to the changes made by worldico to this agreement, please leave the worldico website and immediately stop using the worldico service.At the same time, users should also delete individual files and cancel membership.


    The user shall provide timely, detailed and accurate personal data, and update the personal data provided by the registration in time to keep it detailed and accurate.All user input data will be referenced as registered information.Worldico is not responsible for the problems, controversies and consequences caused by the inauthentic or untimely and accurate change of information submitted by the user.Users should not transfer their accounts, passwords, loans or other information for use by others.If the user finds that the account has been illegally used by others, it should immediately notify Worldico not to take any responsibility.